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Phibrezo ([ profile] mamas_boy): 469 comments (0.45%), played from 2005-05-13 to 2005-08-01 (81 days at 6 comments/day)
Tenoh Haruka ([ profile] acting_gorgeous): 515 comments (0.49%), played from 2005-08-16 to 2005-09-20 (36 days at 14 comments/day)
Daidouji Mayura ([ profile] a_mystery_girl): 233 comments (0.22%), played from 2005-09-26 to 2005-11-01 (37 days at 6 comments/day)
Mello ([ profile] dial_m_4_murder): 13,402 comments (12.72%), played from 2005-06-23 to 2006-04-08 (290 days at 46 comments/day)
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Marluxia ([ profile] bisexual_orchid): 12,516 comments (11.88%), played since 2006-07-10 (916 days at 14 comments/day)
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Lexaeus ([ profile] steady_as_a): 1,429 comments (1.36%), played since 2007-12-15 (393 days at 4 comments/day)
Jinana ([ profile] vore_and_peace): 4,470 comments (4.24%), played since 2008-03-01 (316 days at 14 comments/day)
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Sakubo ([ profile] machiavelliyaan): 4,438 comments (4.21%), played since 2008-08-23 (141 days at 31 comments/day)
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Total comment count: 105,333 since 2005-05-13 (1339 days at 79 comments/day)

Kyou rules

Funny facts:
- HA HA MY TOTAL COMMENT COUNT IS HIGHER THAN ZAZZLE'S by like 170 or something HOW CAN THIS BE. B-bear is driving.
- Umeda makes up 1/5 my total comment count
- I... play Sakubo a lot.
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AXEL: This book and a collection of body chocolate + body art stencils.

AKIHA: ...a date. To a camp location of his choice. Time: 1-5 hours. Content: Akiha's choice.

KUHN: this book

KAZU: This book, yes that's two years in a row now

AKITO: This book

AGITO: This book

(TAKEUCHI) SORA: "Cool" chrome decals for his wheelchair. GO SPEED RACER GO.

SPITFIRE: A gag card of the "How YOU doin'" variety which nevertheless expresses a certain amount of "Let's hang/make out soon"-ness.

IO: These earrings.

MIZUKI: This book

NAKATSU: This book

IKKI: This book

ROBERT: An Evil Eye Wall Decoration

EMIRI: This book

CHIZURU: A Bettie Page photo collection

ENJOLRAS: Darwin's "origin of species".

ARI: A package of SURPRISINGLY DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE CIGARETTES which are probably no real surprise as he'd have had to order them in through you.

GOJYO: A package of rooster-shaped novelty condoms, carried in a classy rooster-motif condom case.

INE: A tasteful nude of himself with, written on the back, "For luck. Just don't tell me what you do with it."

DEE: IOU. You know for what.

ALL PATIENTS: Get a card with thanks for the past year.

Total list:EVA
Riku Replica
Collector Manikin

Feel free to respond; if IC lemme know and we can thread ♥
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Ugh, might as well make a post for this in an actual character journal.

I have HELLA FLU right now, and for the first time in ever I'm feeling too sick to thread. Every so often I'll leave a comment or two, but I'm sucking at maintaining them. :/

So uh. To anyone I owe a reply to or who wants to thread with me, I'm... really sorry and I will pick up once I have two braincells to rub together again.

So yeah, temporary semi-hiatus, hopefully I'll be un-sick soon.
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I'll answer when I'm not mid-post o/

I play Umeda, Marluxia, the Riku Replica, Heat, Hibari, Lexaeus, Jinana, the Collector Manikin, and Sakubo.
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...You know, this conversation sucks without coffee to go with it. Wanna hit up the hospital lounge or my office or something? This is a strict "not actually hitting on" cup of coffee offer. Baby.

[from here]


Jan. 26th, 2008 08:15 pm
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ID! )
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[the doctor's door is wide open, the doctor is on call.

And he is also wearing a birthday hat.]
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Kazu's journal IC post: Umeda helps a puppy. A gay puppy.
Baccano! intro post: Umeda doctors the bean.
Zexion's laundromat post: Umeda has laundry problems
Backdated birthday/halloween post. Important subthreads: Ash gives him a candy bar, Nakatsu needs emotional healing, Axel gets him a gift from the future, Stripping for Himejima, Ikki gets a treatment, Maladict says hi.
Zexion's posterboard post: catches up with Akito, who is terrifying, discusses scheduling doctor's appointments with a serval, accidentally twigs Maladict's relapse disgruntlement.
Lady's info post: hops Carlos for news of Leon, gets none.

The Riku Replica

Kazu's 'I'm a puppy' post: threads with Zexion to make birthday demands, gets the card for Kairi.
Axel's kindergarten post: meets Aeon Clock, hangs with Cordelia, Imoen and he discuss theft, Axel bites him
Towel Post! Important subthreads: meets THAT WEIRDO Serph, accuses Gokudera of staring, argues with Gokudera about whether it's appropriate to call girls names in a stunning act of hypocrisy, meets Emiri!, holds Tsuna's hand :D, takes a bath with. Himawari. XD, meets Haine, gets slightly ogled by Aeon, Adell refuses a fight, chats with Rubedo about snow, Riku's picking on meeeeeeeeee, meets poor traumatized Shimazu, gets offered spare clothes by Zexion, meets Maya.


Axel's kindergarten post: makes Axel feel violated, discusses with Larxene the possibility of turning Axel into a decorative object.
Shigure's muffins post: Discusses Nobodies with Delita, discusses muffins and pedophilia with Shigure, l-lets his teeth show a little at Euphie's kindness
Haru's self-appreciation day post: eats cake.
Bonten and Ginshu's de-aged post: discusses humans vs non-humans with Bonten, offers Ginshu a place to stay.


Zombie putt-putt post: meets Haine, bumps into Dru again, meets Kos-Mos and is identified as an AI, has a failed game of putt-putt with Serph and Allen.
Sakuraba's 'too quiet' post: hopped a thread with Serph and Ciel, met Ciel, went on a hunt with Serph.
Anonymous Confessions Post: confesses to his sexual confusion between Serph and Sera. Subthreads: Allen, Cordelia, Kos-Mos, AN ANON WHO TURNS OUT TO BE SERPH ORZ. Someone app us Sera.
Peony's hotel post: Followup thread with Serph where things fail to get worked out lol raping me gently.
Kos-Mos's cannibal post! Important threads: Allen, Heat, and Serph plan a tournament. Kos-Mos. KAFUKA SUPPORTS ME she's pretty cool after all, meets Minato, eats and meets Kousaka. In that order. eats and meets Dan Hiri. ...In that order. talks with Teito, fights and eats Yuriev in an awesome thread that ends with gentle Serph facemashing and escaping with the most retarded excuse ever.
The replica's towel post: gets Himawari's feedback on recent events, discusses AI, the curse, humanity with Ginshu.
Franz's hot chocolate post: meets Franz over his hatred of the cold, gets Serph!topped in a freaking snowdrift, then has srs talks with Serph, meets and gets warned by Ritsuka, KOS-MOS is also getting hot chocolate.
Serph's romance novel post: Talks with Cordelia about Sera, Attempts to read a romance novel, fails, meets Emiri, talks about boobs and baseball.
Reborn's prostitute information post: Hops a thread to disagree with Reborn that the Embryon are a weak tribe that needs alliances and argue with Serph mostly.
Lady's info post: Goes to catch up with Rinali

Anonymous Confessions post: Gets annoyed with the Herbivores at Allen, talkes with Dino about, um, dreams, has a fight with Serph. Gives advice to anons here (anon was Emiri, also threaded with Misa), here (dunno who the anon is), here (anon is Kakeru), here (anon is Haruhi). Agreed with Viral that posts like this give a bad name to herbivores everywhere here.
Shigure's muffin post: Extorts him into a protection fee for the Sohmas.
Bites Tsunaaahn to death (note: Rough guess of where the thread is, since I can't get the post to load at all)
student counsil votes (all over the post trying to encourage people to vote for him). Also a thread here with Mitsuru.
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October threads. Why did I miss like a week in early October? Also lol@the replica -- THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I GO "Oh man I play with him too much, I need to play with some of the others more". XD Balance, balance.


Poison Garden post! Important subthreads: Kohaku (asks him to plant around the mess hall); baaaaaby!Euphie ( adorable); Delita (meeting, brief discussion of nobodies not in so many words); Will Turner (is dumb ♥); Aziraphale (...why am I getting along with Aziraphale XD); Kodachi (takes plants, plans to see if they stay after Marly's switch back); Chaltier ( a very pretty sword); Cain (YOU'RE CREEPY, CAIN); Baaaaaaaaaaby!Suzaku (is vehement); Kairi (discussion of ageing); Zexion (it's that season; white rooms); Shinku (plans to have tea in the garden in a month); Larxene(poisons, costumes, and heartless); Bulma ( hopefully not going to poison herself); Kazahaya ( hopefully not going to poison himself); George (is interested in my company!).
Good post, met new people. (969 comments)
Mukuro's checkers post: thread here.
Haru's appreciation day post: Mooches cake, makes a MISTAKE.


Chal's poetry post: TASTY SWORD LOOKS TASTY (he has horrible taste).
Vritra post. Important subthreads: Fighting Allen, Rinali, Shinjiro, Ginshu, Impulse, Seth, Rubedo, Bonten, Dru, K-kafuka, Rabi, Hellboy. Serph intro thread!
Ranma's two cups post: Followup with Shinjiro.
Reborn's confessional: h-hi Kafuka, soup for Serph.
Shinjiro's mess hall post: with Akihiko, h-hi Kafuka, with Shinjiro, with Serph
Ed's fresh zombies post: with Ginshu
Giles' halloween post: discussion of ...cultural differences.


Aeon's nightime run post: Shows up to help Spitfire and hit ed with a brick.
Keigo's "broke the rules" announcement post: Umeda disbelieves! Threads with Chizuru and Tomo, Aeon and Simca.
Ikki's homopire post: meets Akito, learns the difference between 'em, treats Mana.
Haru's appreciation day post: Srs bizness and UST with Axel.
Robin's IM post: A/S/L? subthreads with: Robin, Emiri, Ronan, Simon, Mizuki, Mokkun, Reborn
Axel's IC boggart post: ...boggarts!

Intro Post. Important subthreads: Beating Roxy ineffectually, Lambo tossing, Beating Ikki, Meeting Kafuka, Fighting Dino, Fighting Akira, meeting Boyan, beating Gokudera, meeting Yousuke, threatening Tsuna, chillin with that baby, Fighting Viral, meeting Ciel, Yamamoto passes, Ichijou-san..., beating Kazu, beating Kakeru, hay Haru, meeting Saya, enlisting Megumi, meeting Kos-Mos, fighting Mana, meeting Himawari, meeting Kururu
Ikki's homopire post: threatens Ikki, fights Akira, beats Yamamoto up.
Bake sale post, joint with Ichijou. Sub threads: Ichijou, Ash, Laura, Serph, Ginshu, Kos-mos, Akutare, Spongebob, Ikki, Tsuzuki, Emiri, Bulma, Kabuto, Shinjiro, Fujisaki, Setsuna, Tsuna, Aeon
Clark's pumpkin post: served a boggart up.

Riku Replica

Ed's fresh zombies post: With Ginshu, chat with Megumi.
Robin's IM post: Yamamoto!.
Megumi's transformed boyfriend post: suggestions that fairies might turn a puppet into a real boy.
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... I'll catch up on the months I missed. Um. Eventually.

gee uh you can kinda tell who's my primaries and who weren't this month.

Sept 1-6, hiatus due to moving.

Riku Replica
Post (with Riku), playing his own canon. Important subthreads: Riku (fight over gba, coming to a semi-understanding, adell beating riku up in the name of friendship); Adell (meta etc); Ikki (talk about the card system); Rubedo (talk about castle oblivion); Mika (promises to let him play the gba); Tsuna (intention to play games together); Heather (talk about fighting 'yourself'); Himawari; Watari (MAD SCIENTIST!1); Kairi (Plans to hang out I'VE GOT A SURPRISE FOR YOU PRINCESS); Axel (is a jerk); Akutare (is genderswitched); Zexion (jesus it's a thread with zexy k. Uh. Plans for Kairi);
man this post's threads makes him look almost normal. (comment count: 840)
Akira's "broke something" genderswitch post: tells Fay to get off his wife (discussions with Fay and Zexion).
Luke and Gokudera's deaged exploration post: Kicks Lambo (thread with Lambo and Zexion, BASTARD DESERVED IT); cookies for Gokudera ;;
Zexion's ice cream post: replica gets ice cream! (and they discuss bad memories); Luke finds the replica because he wants a trap on his scavenger hunt (the replica thinks he's an idiot. They decide to hang out and do minigames together).
Zexion's IC post-trauma post: talking about funny ha-ha vs funny-mean.


Aziraphale general library post: with Aziraphale and Seregil
Post! (target practice!). Important subthreads: Mokkun (can see, almost shot, chat about spirits); Masahiro (offers to teach him to shoot); Buffy (meeting, plan to practice with); Brook (resolve their differences!); Sokka (meet, discuss hunting); Radarr/Virgil (almost shoots Radarr, hangs with Virgil); Yozak (meets! ...discovers he's the spy counsellor.); Himawari (meets, is directed to shooting range); Francescu (pinged)
Just a day-in-the-life, getting to know people post. (438 comments)

Post (cornering people for medical care). Important subthreads: Akiha; Zexion (about the med. care); Agito (taking care of his legs); Ikki (med care); Fay (meeting/flirting); Gokudera (med care); Badou; Raphael (meeting/flirting); Ziva (meeting, med care); Fuuko (meeting, med care); Rossiu (meeting deaged, reaging, canon angst); Rubedo (med care); Kurogane (meeting after re-aging); Euphie (good girl gets checkup); White!Ticky (Hobo needs his shots); Ritsu (meeting/med care); Spitfire and Yoshitsune (meeting both, flirting with spit, dragging Yoshitsune off after he's beaten up); Goku (...snacks); Mizuki (camp meeting!); Ronan (med care/important talk); Simon (med care/chillin' out); Akira (meeting, mysterious med care); Kazu (meeting, med care); Yamamoto (meeting, checkup); Mika; Touya (secrets revealed); Tsuna (meeting, med care); Viral (...meeting, talk about the nature of humanity and evolution of cultures); Yuki (meeting); Dino (meeting, med care, thinks he's a masochist); Aeon (meeting, stripping, forced checkup)
HUGE DAMN POST. (2593 comments)
Akiha's drop post: goodbye thread goes here.
IC (in-journal) post-drop trauma post!. Important subthreads: Axel (D: Roxaaaas); Enjolras (the dangers of time-travel); Ash (TEAM REPLICANT!1); Kazu (medical care and LET'S TALK ABOUT YOUR GAY); White!Ticky (cards or not); Oscar; Chizuru (...Rita Hayworth); Spitfire (HARDCORE FLIRTING, med care, interrupted by Kazu); Maladict (horses on wheels!); Gokudera (plotting); Gojyo (would you like some melon with this thread); Nanba (family sympathy and bonding!); Emiri (MASSAGE KAZU'S GLUTES); Yamamoto (way to be hardcore, Yamamoto); Ikki and Agito (ongoing).
Hilariously almost no angst. (774 comments)


Gongji's "appearing on the dinner table" post: TIME TO DIG IN, WE'RE HAVING CHINESE TONIGHT.
Belphegor's intro post: fights and eats Bel; scares Haru, but not that much; c-cuddles with Himawari ;o;.


Haru Appreciation Day post: Flirtin' with Haru
Zexion's ice cream post: Marluxia doesn't like salty foods (but ate it anyway).
Zexion's IC post-trauma post: Plots and plans.
Wolfram's training-Yuuri post: hopped Kairi's thread (in order to test the results of her training to date).
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[....from Umeda's office, where the door is closed for once, comes the sound of Blade Runner.]

((OOC: Everyone and their mother, including Akiha and Io, have dropped in this last little while; Umeda's indulging in his comfort movie. *g* Anyone can feel free to jump this post to catch the movie with him or harass him after it to cheer him up; this post isn't for anyone specific -- I just didn't think I could manage a main-comm post that might hit a few thousand again, but anyone's still free to come and bug Umeda. Got an appointment? Meant to return something to him? Heard about the drops? Come by and say hi.))
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Just a head's up -- we're moving in to our new apartment tomorrow (Sept 1) and although we may be able to syphon internet during that time, if we don't, we won't have internet until the 4th.

...I think Umeda's paid time runs out then, too XD Lulz timing. lolz um. THANK YOU CHRISTI ♥
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...I have nothing to say in main comm, so not whoring there but uh. Umeda's paid time and extra icons expires in five days. Can drabble if anyone can help? ♥ ;;

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Badou and Haine's private eye post: Haine disagrees that he's a photographer and Badou discusses his legality as a PI. Sort of.
Koizumi's Apples to Apples post: Has a brief talk with Koizumi, then a long talk with Chizu-nee about W.A.; also Plays Apples to Apples.
In the IC cabin post, he incorrectly thinks it suddenly got full. meets Izumi Sano, forms a party of four to investigate Katou.

Riku Replica

Koizumi's Apples to Apples post: Mmm, poisoned muffins. (Ichijou-san)
In the "are your friends emotionally retarded" post, the Replica volunteers Zexion. Threads with Shigure (plans to call Zexion names), Mytho (discussion of human nature, how people can and do behave, etc), Marluxia (he gets topped :(), Kairi (about Namine's vanishing), Zexion (about friendship and Zexion's non-existant INNER AWESOME). Also, Anonymously he has much to say about Riku's emotional retardation.
In Oguie's porn post, Finds
porn of himself and Riku.
Important subthreads: Fights with Riku/snarks at Larxene, Axel wants it!
Six-month unbirthday post. Important subthreads: Tomo says there isn't enough cake in the world, Zexion is here but not to bake for us, Chisame and he have culture clash, Meets Shunsui, Meets Impulse, Axel and he talk about life, universe, and being a tool, Sano and he plot to train under waterfalls, Adell!, Tamaki's a little creepy sometimes, Rubedo, Meets Himawari and she makes him cake, Rozalyn knows it all, Kairi has genderswitched, So has Sora, Riku and he fight. Again.
Zexion's Big Cat post: May blame Zexion a little WHY R U LICKING ME, petted by the Ikki, bigger than Larxene!!1, Kairi wants to hunt with him, Bunnycat has wiggly ears, want 2 play with Roxas, Watari: like Vexen, only AWESOME, haet Riku, want 2 play with Sora y u not play?


In the 'are your friends emotionally retarded' post, Tops the replica, Discussion of Kairi's health and I'M YOUR FRIEND REALLY. REALLY. REAAAALLY, More snide implications with Axel. Also, Discusses Riku's normality with Kairi.
In the IC cabin post, was amused to find Zexion living in a cave.
In Heat's "why isn't it tuesday" post: meets Heat! Heat does not like him.
Zexion's Big Cat post: But Kairi, it's the Lionesses' job to hunt, meets Kitty!Kio, Flirts with Caracalarxene, there's not enough room for the two of us, Axel, graciously petted by Ikki, torments the poor lost Shigure-dog, gets huffy with embarrassment at Thor, starts to hear moar from Sora about his post-death happenings.
Axel and hitting tigers with sticks post: Marluxia approves of Axel-beating.


In Oguie's porn post: Finds doujin of himself and Akiha. Important subthreads: they discuss Mizuki and stuff, Axel approves!
Heat's "Why isn't it Tuesday yet" post: Umeda wants a good taste of manflesh too; Axel shouldn't make fun of how long it's been.
Lisa's bloody zombie post: Invites her out to a movie apparently.
Zexion's Big Cat post: Axel wants pettings, Roxas is sarcatstic, More Axel pettings: Why are you afraid of me PUNY HUMAN, Kairi wants pettings too!
Axel and hitting tigers with sticks post: DON'T HIT TIGERS WITH STICKS. Subthreads: annoying Zexion, being annoying with Shigure, Axel is technically more of a Ligeryena, Inara agrees, oops dropped thread with Akiha XD.

In Speed's Kindness of a Stranger post: Speed is dubious of this eating people thing, Rinali thinks it's sad, and Zexion passes on a message.
Post: "Why isn't it tuesday yet?". Important subthreads: Umeda wants some tasty manflesh; Euphie suggests tofu; Another almots fight with Ricochet; Bulma realizes he really DOES eat people; Zexion suggests the corpse in the kitchen freezer; meets baaaaaaaabyRabi; Rosette isn't okay with this really; Allen is hard done by; Himawari would offer, but...; Mytho identifies a tragedy; Mika suggests Heat pick off one of the stupid campers; meets Link; Simon and his broken arm; Meets Marluxia and doesn't like him.
In Wash's return post: Greets Wash!
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Hiatus from approximately May 1-May 9 due to sickness and visits... * And again from May 22-29 due to sick and CON. Sigh.


Heat is now Dr. Heat O'Brien! Awkwaaaaaaard... Important threads: With Rinali, Allen, Himawari, Zexion.
Ishida's DEMON!!1 post: Doctor Heat does not believe in demons.
Heat asks for people to volunteer to be eaten. Jesus two pages of threads. Uh, important sub threads: Allen, Rubedo, Dee (EATEN), Euphie, Himawari (A-agni got MOLESTORED), Key (EATEN), Katou (EATEN), Ishida (EATEN -- observe the bleachpile at the end XD), Simon, Fighter (EATEN).
Axel's banned from LJ post: Thread with Harold (EATEN); Suigintou and he don't see what's wrong with cannibalism; Axel seems like a nice guy; Himawari doesn't know what vore is (and will stay that way).

Riku Replica

Ishida's DEMON!!1 post: The replica decides to finish a conversation from before.
Zexion's genderswitch/camp statistics post: The replica cannot stop looking. ._.
Kairi!Axel's bodyswitch post: Threads with genderswitch!Sora and bodyswitch!Axel. Of note: Totally thinks girl!Sora is smokin', and everyone notices.
Tot's Mother's Day Letter post: The replica writes a letter to his wife dad nemesis mom. Important subthreads: with Zexion (I am NOT your mother!), The Real Thing (anger AND angst!), bodyswitch!Axel (HE KNOWS WHAT'S GOING ON HERE), and Adell (Cookies!).
Marluxia's Springtime Woes post: Marluxia rapes his brain re: Zexion's care of him.
The Ari-Ishida-Nishi shouta post: The replica feeds baaaaaaaaby Ishida cookies and gets his skirt insulted.
Axel's 'banned from LJ' post: Attempts to harrass Larxene for being a perv.


Kairi!Axel's bodyswitch post: Threads with genderswitch!Sora (Oh my), bodyswitch!Kairi (where he attempts again to play her like a fiddle), and bodyswitch!Axel (dubious Axel is dubious).
Marluxia's springtime woes post! Important sub-threads: With Euphie (agreement to play nice to dusks and dancers), Kairi (finding out about her hospitalization), Riku Replica (brainrape playercest), Badou (meets, gives flowers to), Fuuko (meets, discusses camp with), Megan, Ramza (Show me your power!!), Shigure (mocking), Gojyo (meets), Dio (meets).
Yuki's garden post: Gets mocked by Roxas and pokes back, Offers Yuki seeds.
Axel's 'banned from LJ post': Axel isn't tactful (I hadn't realized she'd replied again :/)


Kairi!Axel's bodyswitch post: Threads with ...No one! O snap!.
Mother's day letter post: Writes a letter home. Important subthreads with bodyswitch!Axel, Enjolras, Io, Bodyswitch!Kairi.
Roxas!Ticky's bodyswitch post: Umeda asks what's up and then gets owned in the shoulder by Roxas. Important subthreads: Bodyswitch!Axel (trying to get Umeda the fuck out of target range), Bodyswitch!Roxas (I believe in you, SHOUJO MANGA STYLE), Bodyswitch!Ticky (Thinks he's a moron and about to die).
Allen's post to get Axel/Kairi and Umeda hosptialized post Roxas-rape (Roxape?): Important threads/sub-threads: Unconcious and bloody is not a good state for a doctor, with Nanba, Ticky, Akiha, Io, Lisa, Maladict, Roxas, Axel, Simon, Himejima, Allen, Kairi. PHEW. Umeda was pretty happy and on painkillers through all of this.
Marluxia's Springtime Woes post: Umeda finally chats with Gojyo again (while hospitalized), they get threadjumped by Yumichika and Axel.
Teddy's hospital post: Teddy wearing the skirt would be inappropriate; Lisa and bedside manner; Chilling with Roxas; Simon; Nanba checks up on Umeda.


You remind me of the babe post. I don't think HE knows what babe. Uh, only important threads: with chaos, Euphie, Toph, Shigure, and Marvin.
Wild Adapter plot post. Important threads: with Tokitoh (Plot, gay, and pokemon), Koizumi, Izark (Suspicious!), Himawari (THAT POOR ZOMBIE), Ryo (gets his help & body cleanup), Hellboy (gets his help and new suggestions), Ticky (hears about the Tease), Badou (meets), Seth (meets), Haine (meets), Ichijou (...what the fuck. Uh. Meets?), Phoenix (meets, gets help of, ongoing plot with psychelocks), Sakuraba (meets).
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Yo! Luc and Keele.

Let's talk.
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The Zazzle requested some Umeda/Axel fluff drabble before going for a nap. XD 200 words exactly.


"Pass the soda already," Umeda says, and holds out a hand expectantly.

Axel grins at him, exhales smoke, and dangles the can between two fingers. "You want it? Come get it."

And he doesn't really expect Umeda to, 'cause Umeda's so goddamn lazy all the time. Almost as bad as a Nobody in wanting other people to do the work for him. But Umeda kicks back his desk chair as he rises, puts a knee on the bed between Axel's legs, takes hold of the closed, warm soda can. He smiles at Axel from under heavy lids. "Thanks," he drawls.

It's suddenly hard to breathe. Axel stares at him, then leans back abruptly, yanking the can out of Umeda's hand. "Whoops," he says, and lies back on the bed with one hand over his head, so Umeda'd have to get on top of him to get the can.

Umeda looks at him, then starts to laugh.


"Idiot. Just give me the damn can."

"Nuh-uh. You can't get it, you can't have it. Mine now."

Umeda shifts his other knee up, lowers his weight. Axel's breath catches; Umeda's heavy on him, but not too heavy.

"Fine, then," Umeda says. "Fine."
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