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Give me a character I play(ed) and a sexual kink and I'll tell you how they feel about the combination of the two. :Db

Current characters are:
Sahashi Minato

Past characters are uhhh everyone who was not on the above list but who was also on this comment count thingy /lazy.
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It's probably too easy to ask for Heat/vore
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We are so totally well adjusted.

...Actually now I'm curious about Soubi and vore.
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Soubi would find it conceptually appealing if it was very, very minor vore, but a major turn-off if it was major vore. He's into the symbolism of painful things more than the actual pain side; the thought of having a small amount of his flesh ingested, or vice versa, to become part of that person forever is, without a doubt, incredibly appealing, not to mention the taboo elements associated with cannibalism and the willingness to cross boundaries with That Person.

However, the thought of actively harming his partner to major injury or death, or the thought of enduring that sort of pain himself, is about as far from appealing as it gets.
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Logical! ...Well, for Soubi. Oh Soubi.

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Grelle! Sexual roleplay!
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[personal profile] healthyinstincts 2010-10-01 02:20 am (UTC)(link)
Umeda and bondage/domination.

Grelle and exhibitionism.
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Umeda is not hugely into bondage or domination but would be down with mild versions of the above. He'd TRY it, if the other person wanted to, but although he's got a dominating personality he's attracted to people who are ALSO kind of forward/dominating, and he strikes me as the sort who enjoys his sex more mutually active than bondage tends to entail. It'd be, at most, a once in a while thing and, yeah, more like wrists bound than any 'major' bondage. Likewise, domination would probably be dominating dirty talk of the "You're mine, that's good, you're a good boy" type than actual outright domination. THAT SAID if it was Ryouichi he'd agree to be bound and blindfolded and begging for master to touch him with embarrassing speed, and would later be embarrassed about it and bitch in way too much information to other people. But never to Ryouichi's face.

Grelle is an exhibitionist in murder but not in bed, I'd say! Now, she'd be LOUD and not private that way, but for all that she's SEX AND CANDY HEEEERE etc she stays pretty thoroughly covered up in canon. (Minus the musicals and recent anime lol). She'd be more exhibitionistic in, like, lingerie? But full nudity I doubt it. There's no part of Grelle's personality that's self-conscious, and as a result, avoiding public displays of sexual passion would be less about shyness and more about maintaining control of her image.

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Minato and ORGIES er I guess MULTIPLE PARTNERS AT THE SAME TIME or whatever you want to call it. As in more than 2.

Yukimi and sensory dep!

Umeda and rimmingggg
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Minato and any kink is a hilarious amount of "HEEEK!? HEEEEEK!!" but I think it will more or less be canon that he will have multiple partners at the same time and just about as little ability at first to perform well as he would with one. HE WOULD BE INTO IT? Actually he'd probably, ultimately, handle it better than he would one-on-one, because, you know, if he was sleeping with Musubi he'd be worried about upsetting Tsukiumi and vice versa. Kuu-chan is right out until she's older and starts topping him, and he wouldn't worry per se about Kazehana, Matsu, and Kagari because, lol, those three. But Musubi has her JEALOUS BEAR and Tsukiumi is surprisingly vulnerable and AHHHH IT'S HARD ENOUGH TO TRY TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET A GIRL OFF WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE'S FEELINGS AT THE SAME TIME. Ultimately the most likely scenario for success is Musubi and Tsukiumi deciding to make sex with him into a competition. He might die during it, though.

Yukimi and sensory deeeep... I don't really see it being his thing. Like, at all. He's a people person who likes being active and likes seeing reactions. He might be more into it if his partner was the one in sensory dep since he'd enjoy the exaggerated reactions and unchecked sounds and so on.

Umeda is down with rimming! It is not something that he is like BOY I WANNA GO EAT SOME ASS RIGHT NOW about, but it's on his "can be fun" list. He's not self-conscious about either rimming or getting rimmed. He does find it a bit hotter -- also funnier -- if the other person is like "omfg what uhhhh" about getting rimmed though.

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Soubi; bondage

Ch... oh god i just got a coldchill... Cheryl; D/s

Umeda; bloodplay
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[personal profile] harukami 2010-10-01 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
SOUBI WOULD BE HELLA INTO BONDAGE. Especially if he's the one being tied up and played with. DO WANT. He'd also have fun tying Ritsuka up, especially if Ritsuka got really into it (kyaa!!). He would like to tie Ritsuka's hands and put him on his lap and then watch him squirm. /too much information. Mostly he'd like to be tied up himself though.

Ch... Cheryl thinks D/s would be fun! She's totally happy to roleplay a sub role with Master if Master thought it'd be fun, and slipping into the "oh me oh my whatever am I to do" role is second nature for her anyway. ANd she likes being, ah, doted on by Master. Being Master and Servant is fun in all the right ways. :3 She would ALSO enjoy dominating the hell out of Rayfell, though, maybe with her scythe out.

Umeda is not into bloodplay! A little bit of scratching or whatever is okay, but actual bloodplay is just something he doesn't find sexy. Depending on the attitude it's approached with it might even squick him a little, though it wouldn't offend him -- more like whatever you want is fine, just don't mix me up in it.
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[sobs forever]

i just hurt myself with the soubi one T_______T
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if we ever had sex and borrowed your and Rikuou's lube you wouldn't mind right

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Soubi and body art!

Cheryl and cosplay. /FEELS SO DIRTY

And uhhhhm. Grelle and strip teases. (As in, in private. Not at a club.)
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I WROTE THAT FIC ACTUALLY kind of with a Kio thing, ironically long before the tattoo chapter came out. SOUBI FINDS BODY ART FASCINATING. Actually I have an entire essay in my pocket about Soubi and art vs Soubi and words and which one is more genuinely an act of creation and control for Soubi but that is not what this is here for. Permanent body art is a sign of a sort of commitment to Soubi, which fascinates him; tattoos and scars and piercings and things marked into the body... impermanent has a more bittersweet sensation to him.

Cheryl would totally cosplay! Maybe not for Rayflo though omg seriously dressing me up as a priest really #._.# It wouldn't be a kink for her, but it would be fun.

GRELLE WOULD STRIPTEASE IN PRIVATE people would probably regret it when a high heel gets them in the head though.
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...nnngh. *_*;; I'd be lying if I said I didn't personally love bodypainting. You should finish that essay!

—NO NOT LIKE THAT. :( :( Unless there's such a thing as platonic kinks.


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Umeda and like, dress-up fetish roleplay.

Cheryl and biting/scratching/painplay... but being on the giving end.

Grelle and plain vanilla, missionary-position sex.

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Heat being heavily submissive

Umeda and food

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