Jan. 6th, 2010

playingdoctor: (no neural response. Nothing. nadda. zip.)
DAY 1 - Arrive. Check mail. Check school. Go and harrass parents for a while. Phone kid sister and act like an asshole to her for no reason. Harrass parents more, get fed snacks. Tell parents to call Rio over for dinner on day 4. Go out to dinner with Akiha. Go back to apartment with Akiha? Have sex with Akiha??? (!) Akiha, jump me in this post so we can thread :Db

DAY 2 - Feel vague guilt for not feeling guilt and regret. Say bye to Akiha unless he's mysteriously vanished already. Go meet up with Axel. I assume they derp together for a while before having sex and doing touristy things for all of days 2-3. Axel, jump me in this post so we can thread.

Day 3 - See above tourism and sexings. And sexings while being tourists, probably. WE WILL SEE.

Day 4 - Bite bullet, phone Ryouichi. Make plans to meet up. Get blown off for like 4 hours and then only see him for a little bit because he wants to go check on his favourite boy's baaaaby again. Sulk. Go to parents' for dinner. Harrass parents. Harrass Rio. Head out after dinner to a bar. Have sex with a total stranger in the bathroom. Go back out to bar. Pick up hot twin brothers. Go back to hotel.

And then back to camp.

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